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Why WHaTS was developed

In a career that has included natural resource management and appropriate technology consulting in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, I became keenly aware of the need for well designed, extremely durable hand tools, however the initial purchase costs of durable hand tools are too high for many people in struggling economies.  In order to justify the initial costs, high quality tools needed to perform multiple tasks as well or better than conventional single purpose tools and changing between applications had to be quick and intuitive.  In addition, the tools needed to ship compactly and be supplied as directly as possible from manufacturer to user in order to minimize costs that add no long term value to the tools.

Robust, multi-purpose tools can also have significant application in more affluent economies.  There are many tasks that can be accomplished more efficiently with well designed hand tools.  Not only can efficiencies and economies be realized, but also polluting fossil fuels can be replaced.  By making Wheeled Hand Tool Systems innovative, attractive, efficient, long lasting, trouble free and easy to store, more people will see the advantages of having a WHaTS available to accomplish an increasing number of tasks without using polluting forms of energy. Since fossil fuel using habits are hard to break, providing a trailer hitch option for WHaTS is seen as a way to not only increase versatility, but also to make it easier for fossil fuel users to transition to hand power where it is more practical or economical.

When the Haitian earthquake struck in January 2010, scenes of desperate survivors attempting to move rubble with their bare hands was the final motivating force that led to the development of Wheeled Hand Tool Systems.

- Gerry Hawkes


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