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Wheeled Hand Tool Systems, Inc.  of Woodstock, Vermont,  was founded in 1978 by Gerry Hawkes and was known until 2015 as Eco Systems, Inc., a small research and development company dedicated to creating solutions that reduce human impact on the environment.  With the success of WHaTS, the company changed its name to Wheeled Hand Tool Systems, Inc.

Some of Eco Systems' efforts have resulted in:

~ a book as well as working aerial cable systems for weeding forests of unhealthy and low quality trees with minimal disturbance to soils, minimal energy use, and positive impact on healthy  and high quality trees left to grow (click here to see the book online)

~ compiling of reports and observations indicating the severe impact atmospheric pollution is having on trees and forests around the world (see http://www.eco-systems.org/air_pollution_and_dying_forests.htm)  

~ compact bicycle parking and security systems designed to make bicycling more convenient - this product line was given to Rutland Industries (now Vermont Manufacturing Services), a not for profit company dedicated to providing meaningful employment for people with disabilities -  customers include colleges and universities, high rise apartment complexes, municipalities, transportation agencies and many others throughout the United States.  (see VTBikeSolutions.com)

~ development of modular surface systems for the rapid installation of high quality pedestrian/bicycle/wheelchair paths without excavating or paving - since 2003 one of the most prominent seasonal installations has been near the White House as pathways around the National Christmas Tree and for the Pageant of Peace - Bike Track, a company launched by Gerry Hawkes & Eco Systems, now manufactures and markets this surface primarily for rapid deployment tent flooring  (see www.BikeTrack.com and www.WorkhorseGS.com)

~ founding Forest Savers LLC to further develop innovative methods for mechanically reducing forest fire hazard in the wildland/urban interface, efficiently constructing trails with minimal soil disturbance, and controlling heavy infestations of woody invasive vegetation without the use of herbicides. (see Forest-Savers.com)

~ the development of Wheeled Hand Tool Systems to provide long lasting tools that can accomplish a wide range of serious levering, lifting and moving without fossil fuels

Thanks for doing what you can to minimize environmental impact.



NOTE: Wheeled Hand Tool Systems is being run on a small scale, by Gerry Hawkes, who is the inventor.  With many satisfied customers, it is now a proven product.  Since Gerry is an inventor and product developer at heart, he would like to transfer management of Wheeled Hand Tool Systems, Inc. to an entrepreneur or company that shares his commitment to mitigating climate change and adverse human impact on the environment, and has the passion and resources to create econoimies of scale, thus providing sustainable tool systems to many more people.


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