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What others are saying . . 

To say that the WHaTS eased my workload is an incredible understatment. - from Quality-Handtool-Review.com

I did quite a bit of work today with the 2 wheel configuration and am really impressed with the versatility and effectiveness for rock removal.  The claw attachment can be a real asset with the larger rocks I found.  The ability to tilt the unit vertically to sink the prongs beside a rock is really a good feature.  I did not need a prybar all day.  Pulling rocks was almost fun today!"             -   Murray Beidler - New York



Received the WHaTS in good order yesterday. (Felt sorry for the UPS man who had to carry the box up my muddy drive.) It was superbly easy to assemble which is rare in this day and age. And a lot sturdier then even the pictures on the website imply - again, rare in this day and age. I think you are also very price competitive - I looked at like-products and the result was flimsy, single-purpose products at the same price or more than yours. I moved a couple of rocks yesterday and I moved more rock in five minutes than I would have in 30-minutes in my wheelbarrow. And, more importantly, I moved rock I never could have in my wheelbarrow. So thank you and well done for designing such a superb tool!   - Henk Groenewald - Founder of TheBrandEcologist



"BEST TOOL EVER.  A LOT OF THOUGHT WENT INTO MAKING IT."      ~ Guy Rosi in Homer, Alaska ~ North American Survival Systems dealer


The WHaTS has been invaluable. I don't use it very often, but when I do it's for something that I couldn't accomplish without it (other than hiring out a tractor). The crew that worked on restoring our barn this past November used it constantly while they were working.



I have been using the WHaTS a lot the past 3 days (it came in just one day).  The only trouble is that it is no longer shiny and new looking. It has some respectable scratches and mud.  I have not hooked it up to the BCS yet. I wanted to take pictures with the WHaTS being brand new, but I felt I needed to get started on my terraced garden right away. The only trouble I have had is the optional clamp rubbing on the third tire during transport. I just take it off. You were right about the steeper bank. I have had little trouble with soft ground.  You have invented a wonderful tool. I can see how it has great value for rescue. I find it fascinating that a balanced heavy load feels lighter than with nothing being carried.  Thank you again for your help.  ~  Lawrence Kerr, MD ~ founder of Clickcare.com

Even without consulting the easy to follow video direction on the WHaTS website, I was able to quickly get the axle, wheels, "fender", and correct pieces assembled in  order to put the system to it's first and most basic task...           from Quality-Handtool-Review.com

Unusual Wheelbarrows for easier hauling

I'll present the biggest and most rugged versions first, then move on to the lighter home versions of these specialized lifters and haulers.

This first one is made in Vermont by the WHaTS Company, which is an abbreviation for Wheeled Hand Tool Systems. Their carts are like the Transformer robots of the wheelbarrow world. By swapping around a few parts you can use it to haul everything from firewood to lumber to barrels to people, or to do jobs like pulling fence posts!    (click link for more)


Wheeled Cart Uses Leverage To Do Many Jobs  - Farm Show 2011 - Volume #35, Issue #3, Page #33



“Our community partners used the WHaTS system for a variety of functions while working in a diversity of city settings. They hauled debris, removed stumps and transported a large quantity of mulch bags, among other uses. They report a decrease in effort and increase in productivity when using the WHaTS. Functions and conversions are easy, the system navigates smoothly over different and at times bumpy terrain, and volunteer time is maximized on projects. There are a variety of uses that are relevant for a wide range of jobs. We were happy to offer it to community partners knowing it would maximize productivity of their volunteers for any project.”

– Noah Smock, Executive Director, Baltimore Community ToolBank   


 See "The Spotlight Series on Demolition Tools Segment on Pry Bars" and scroll down to mid page.


Wheeled Hand Tools:  Carbon Free Tools To Lever, Lift, and Move  

"Since the system is rugged and versatile, it will adapt and remain in useful service for generations" 


I am renovating a very old home which has a big piece of property that needs extensive landscaping (mostly hard scraping with boulders, rock walls) and cleaning up of old trees and brush.  The guys on my job who do a lot of the rock work love the whats machine. I told them you seemed to be an entrepreneur up in Vermont who does most of this by himself.  They were impressed!    ~ David Milne ~ Wellesley, MA



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