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Wheeled Hand Tool Systems were developed to help reduce the environmental impact of using small, fossil fuel powered equipment for work that can be done by the thoughtful use of efficient, durable, non-fossil fuel powered tools.  To reduce impact even more, if you can, please borrow, rent, or buy a used Wheeled Hand Tool System before buying a new one from us.  This not only minimizes the consumption of manufacturing resources, but also reduces shipping.  Your listings are needed below.      - Gerry Hawkes



USED WHAts for sale or rent

In order to help people accomplish their projects then recoup much of their investment in WHaTS as well as help  budget constrained purchasers buy or rent perfectly functional, used WHaTS, we are providing this page where owners of Wheeled Hand Tool Systems can offer to sell or rent their tools and thus lower their project or ownership costs.  

Since Wheeled Hand Tool Systems don't break or wear out, they can be sold, rented and purchased with confidence.

Helping people get more value from their tools serves to accomplish our goal of improving sustainability and reducing demands on resources.  

There is no fee or commission for listing on this web page.   Wheeled Hand Tool System owners provide us with a listing of the WHaTS components/applications they would like to sell or rent, the price they are asking, their name, address, email, phone number, date of availability, and any other descriptive information or insights, and we will post it on this page.  WHaTS owners handle all sales inquiries, receive payments directly, and arrange for delivery to the buyer, then just let us know when to take down the listing.


For Sale

If you know when your WHaTS project will be finished, you can list your WHaTS as available for sale after the projected finish date.

Sample Listing

Rolling lever with clamp assembly  . . .  $650

Junior Sample     ~    123 East Horseshoe Road   ~   Stable, IN  03987  ~  JuniorSample@Gmail.com  ~  791-987-2087   ~  Available after: November 2020

Note:  We're moving tons of rocks with this WHaTS and our project will be finished in November.  The unit doesn't look new, but it is as solid and functional as the day we bought it.  Email any time.  Call from 6 to 9 p.m.



FOR rent

Guidelines for rental pricing:  monthly rate = 20-25% of purchase price ~ weekly rate = 6-9% of purchase price  ~  daily rate = 2-3% of purchase price

Sample Listing

Rolling lever with clamp assembly  . . .  $20/day  ~  $60/week  ~  $180/month

Junior Sample     ~    123 East Horseshoe Road   ~   Stable, IN  03987  ~  JuniorSample@Gmail.com  ~  791-987-2087


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