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Wheel Shield
Workhorse Path - Box of 4 panels



Component Specifications

Wheel Shield

Price: $94.00

Weight: 14 pounds (6.4 kg)

Dimensions: 21" long x 21" wide x 9" high (53 cm x 53 cm x 23 cm)


Rugged, curved, section of corrigated, double walled, plastic highway culvert. Heavy, reinforced rubber tabs hold the shield in place on the universal frame with a friction fit, yet allow quick removal without tools.

These lighter weight, but more rugged culverts are now preferred by highway departments over the heavy, galvanized steel culverts that were previously used.  They absorb impacts, maintain their color even if scratched, and do not rust.

These wheel shields are made from new highway culverts, but because they are rugged and made to take abuse, they are just dumped off the delivery trucks.  Thus they may be slightly scuffed.  However, with hard use on a WHaTS they will stay looking much better than powder coated steel.


Shield for covering double or triple wheel configurations.  Use to keep loads piled on the bed of the Wheeled Hand Tool System from resting on the wheels.




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