Universal Frame
Flat Proof Wheel
Short Axle
Long Axle
Bed Mesh
Puller Front
Back Mesh
Front Extension
Pry Bar
Trailer Hitch
Detent Pin
Lynch Pin
Bolt & Wing Nut
Chaise Lounge
Clamp Assembly
Common Front
Post Rack
Load Retention Uprights
Panel Rack
Trailer Ball & Mount
Barrel Front Support
Barrel Middle Support
High Handle
Handle Cross Bar
Wheel Shield
Workhorse Path - Box of 4 panels



Component Specifications

Universal Frame

Price: $390.00

Weight: 46 pounds (21 kg)

Dimensions: 50" long x 28" wide x 2" high (127 cm x 71 cm x 5 cm)


The universal frame is made from rugged, 11 gauge, 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm) square tubular steel with angle steel cross pieces.  Stainless steel sleeves are welded into the frame to receive the axle.  Multiple, accurately spaced holes allow the quick attachment of various interchangeable accessories.  Open, reinforced, tubular frame ends at the front and rear allow the easy interchange of handles, hitches, leverage tools, and carrying racks as well as other attachments.  The frame is alkaline washed and zinc undercoated before being powder coated hammertone silver.


All wheeled hand tool system configurations are assembled around a universal frame.  The frame accepts a short or long axle with 1, 2 or even 3 wheels, and with the addition of a wide variety of handles, hitches, body components and leverage accessories, it serves to carry loads or acts as a multipurpose rolling lever.




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