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Component Specifications

Puller Chain

Price: $3.60

Weight: 0.6 lb. (270 grams)

Dimensions: 3 feet long (91 cm)


Nicely sized for use with the puller front. Blu-Krome finish.  This is #2 Straight Link Machine Chain with relatively short links that allow it to wrap more tightly around smaller diameter objects.  One chain comes with the puller front.  You should probably order at least one extra chain, since it may come in handy for double chaining difficult posts or shrubs.  Shipping & handling is expensive for this small item if later you just order one or two chains from us.  Many hardware stores carry this or similar chain. 


Wrap the puller chain around the base of an unwanted shrub, clump of shrubs, small tree, or the base of a post to be pulled, then hand tension out excess slack and slide the opposite sides of the chain into opposing notches in the puller front.  The upright WHaTS is then pulled back down to a horizontal position, levering the tree or post from the ground.  The levering forces are distributed to both sides of the chain, doubling the effective working load.




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