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Component Specifications

Flat Proof Wheel

Price: $47.00

Weight: 12 pounds (5.4 kg)

Dimensions: 15" diameter x 4" wide tire with 6" long axle hub (40.6 cm x 10.2 cm x 15.2 cm) with larger 3/4" sealed bearings


This is the best tire & wheel assembly we could find for this application. Made by Carefree Tire, this foam filled,  puncture proof tire will never go flat. The following is from the Carefree Tire web site: Unlike solid rubber or solid urethane tires, a Carefree Tire provides an "air cushioned" ride without adding any significant weight. As a result, not only will a Carefree Tire last four to ten times longer than a similar pneumatic tire, but require up to 40% less effort to roll. Bearings are pre-greased and double sealed.  WHaTS uses stainless steel axles to prevent rust, so no grease is needed. Grease attracts abrasive grit and makes it messy to slide a wheel on and off an axle.   Knobby tread. Color is black. Size is 4.80/4.00-8. Ball bearings. 

The manufacturer's rated load capacity per tire & wheel assembly is 670 pounds, but we are only rating individual wheel capacity at 400 pounds until we have extensive customer feedback of satisfactory, long term performance with individual wheel loadings well in excess of 400 pounds.


Installed as a single wheel inside the frame on a short axle or as double wheels outside the frame on a long axle. For very heavy loads or better floatation on soft ground and packed snow, 3 wheels may be installed on a long axle.




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