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Component Specifications

Common Front

Price: $32.00

Weight: 5 pounds (2.3 kg)

Dimensions: 1.66" diameter pipe bent 90 degrees with 6.5" horizontal leg & `14.9" vertical leg


A structural steel pipe bent into an "L" shape with holes near each end which receive quick attachment pins.  One end (usually the shorter leg) attaches to the front of the universal frame or a front extension while additional attachments, such as a post rack, are usually pinned to the top of the longer leg.  If you have a post puller, you won't need commom fronts. Powder coated red.

Applications use two common fronts. Price is for one.


Use 2 common fronts with plywood & panel haulers  and trailer jockeys, as well as lumber & pole transporters.  

Two common fronts can also be used in combination with a Post Rack instead of a puller front with the firewood hauler and the firewood hauling trailer for front retention of loads.  As with the puller front, they are used in combination with 2 front extensions to provide good load distribution and balance.

Usually a bar like attachment, such as a post rack, connects the upper ends of 2 common fronts.




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