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Component Specifications

Clamp Assembly

Price: $203.00

Weight: 20 pounds (9 kg)

Dimensions: 23.1" x 18" x 3.5" (58.7 cm x 45.7 cm x 8.9 cm)


The rugged clamp arm is formed from paired, 3/4" square steel recurved bars spaced 2" apart with a large curve on one end and a smaller curve on the other.  A double slide/lock ring nearer the end of the clamp arm with the smaller curve allows it to be easily moved up and down on a vertical pipe.  The clamp arm can be positioned anywhere on the vertical pipe, facing any direction and either side up.  The vertical pipe pins to the front of the universal frame with two bolts with wing nuts that come inserted into the vertical pipe bracket.  Use the bolts and wing nuts, not detent pins.   The combination of the clamp arm and the vertical pipe constitutes the clamp assembly.


The clamp assembly is an option for the WHaTS Rolling Lever application and is used to clamp and hold large, awkard objects that are being carried on the pry bars.  While the clamp arm can be easily moved up and down, it will self lock in any position on the vertical pipe and thus clamp a load. Releasing the lock is accomplished simply by pulling up on one end of the clamp.  The clamp arm may be rotated or flipped to provide 3 choices of grip:  long hook, short hook, and long flat.  If an object is too large to be accomodated by the height of the vertical pipe, one or two front extension pipes are added to extend the length. (Please watch the video on the left to see how the clamp assembly is employed.  Clicking on the retangular icon in the lower right corner of the video will expandi it to full screen)




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