Universal Frame
Flat Proof Wheel
Short Axle
Long Axle
Bed Mesh
Puller Front
Back Mesh
Front Extension
Pry Bar
Trailer Hitch
Detent Pin
Lynch Pin
Bolt & Wing Nut
Chaise Lounge
Clamp Assembly
Common Front
Post Rack
Load Retention Uprights
Panel Rack
Trailer Ball & Mount
Barrel Front Support
Barrel Middle Support
High Handle
Handle Cross Bar
Wheel Shield
Workhorse Path - Box of 4 panels



Component Specifications

Chaise Lounge

Price: $135.00

Weight: 22 pounds (10 kg)

Dimensions: 26" wide x 44" high - 16" seat height - 23" arm height


Telaweave, Multi-Position, Folding Chaise Lounge in Cobalt Blue with hardware for quick attach to WHaTS frame.


Provides comfortable, stable transportation of a sick, injured or disabled person.  Can also be used as seating when attached to a WHaTS carrier or when removed from the carrier. 




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