post & shrub puller          

               for diameters ranging from 1/4" saplings to 6" posts or shrub clumps

               powerful, adjustable leverage ratio of up to 12:1

               grips a wide range of stem forms

                flat proof wheels & stainless steel axle

                rugged construction for many years of flawless use

               quick change to numerous other applications      

      "We are putting the shrub and post puller to good use.  It is working great"  - Tom Mi Wuk Village, CA

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An invasive, buckthorn with an extensive root system that has been uprooted by a Wheeled Hand Tool System with a shrub pulling attachment.  A high leverage ratio breaks the main roots free from the ground then shifting the chain to the upper notches and rolling back pulls out lingering roots.  The chain provides a self tensioning grip completely around a post, shrub or tree, whereas a lever/clamp type puller, like the Weed Wrench, only grips a small portion of two sides and is limited in the diameters it can handle.  This 2"+ diameter buckthorn with its large root system is about at the upper limit of the WHaTS' capabilities, but it substantially exceeds what other manual levering devices can accomplish.

Usually you cannot uproot stump sprouts since they are connected to larger stumps and will break off before the stump comes loose. However if the stump is high enough to grip with the chain, you may be able to pull it.

The WHaTS can pull on any post up to 6" (15 cm) diameter that fits between the arms of the puller.  What can actually be pulled up depends on the user's body mass, soil conditions,  root structure and/or post depth.

Improved puller front with curved steel plate for soft ground and extra strength.  The puller front attachment just slides into sockets on the front of a universal frame and is secured by two detent pins. The 4 notch pairs provide the user with 4 leverage ratios of 12:1 in the bottom notch, 8.6:1 in the second notch from the bottom, 6.7:1 in the third notch up, and 5.4:1 in the top notch.  As an example, if a user pulls back with a force of 10 pounds (4.5 kg) on the WHaTS handles, up to 120 pounds (54 kg) of lifting force is applied when the chain is in the bottom notch pair.  

Puller front with a light chain in the top notch pair.  The top notch pair gives maximum lift (up to 24" or 61 cm).  The bottom notch pair provides less lift ( up to 18" or 46 cm), but maximum power.    The middle 2 pairs of notches are useful in uprooting medium size shrubs and sometimes provide better attachment points for minimizing slack in the chain.

The chain provides a good grip on posts, shrub clumps, irregular stems, and low growing bushes as well as on straight, single stems, trunks and posts. Weed Wrench style pullers are only good on single stem shrubs in a limited diameter range.



The preferred configuration of the post and shrub puller consists of : 1 universal frame; 1 long axle; 2 flat proof wheels; 1 puller front; 1 light and 1 heavy puller chain; and 2 highest handles.  Rapid connecting pins & bolts are included with the components.

 Unlike other methods, the wheels relieve the burden of carrying a heavy puller, plus they serve as a second stage fulcrum to ease and speed the levering.  The two wheeled configuration is very stable, thus allowing one or two people to effectively lever down with all their weight. 

The high rise S-handles make it easy to efficiently transition through the whole levering cycle starting with the initial pull from the vertical position all the way down until the rear of the frame contacts the ground.  The user's full force and weight can be applied without the risk of breaking any of the components, except possibly the easily replaceable chain. 

NOTE:  The bluish lines you see in the background are tubing for gathering maple sap.  This photo was taken at the end of the maple sugaring season.



Levering out a small tree that has already been partially loosened by a power pull with the chain in the bottom notch.  Note how the chain wraps completely around the tree or post.  In addition to providing a self-tensioning, 360 degree grip, a flexible chain is less likely than Weed Wrench style, rigid jaw clamps to bend and snap small stems during the uprooting process.  A heavier chain is used for posts, shrubs and trees greater than 1" in diameter.  A lighter chain is used for diameters of 1/4" - 1".

While the user can select the desired power of the pull by choosing which notch pair to use, the WHaTS Post & Shrub Puller is also designed to initiate the pull with more powerful leverage by using the curved portion of the puller front as a fulcrum in the first stage then seamlessly shifting the fulcrum back to the wheels and axle as the wheels touch the ground. Not only does the shifting of the fulcrum back to the wheels and axle speed the leveraging process with a ratio of 4.6:1 once the object has begun to loosen, it also moves ground pressure away from any roots so they can be more readily extracted.



Summary of how the post & shrub puller is employed
  • A chain is wrapped around a shrub, tree or post. 
  • The WHaTS is rolled up until the front bumps into the object to be pulled. 
  • The WHaTS is then tipped up vertical, so that it is standing on its front end and the two puller arms with notches straddle each side of the object. 
  • The ends of the chain are then pulled hand tight to each side and dropped into a corresponding notch pair (lowest notches for the most lifting power and the highest notches for the most lifting height). 
  • The handles of the WHaTS are then pulled back with the curve of the puller front acting as the fulcrum creating more a powerful initial lift
  • As the wheels touch the ground, the fulcrum seamlessly shifts back to the wheel and axle which creates higher and faster lift
  • As the handles continue downward the user smoothly transitions from pulling back on the handles to pushing down, effectively using body mass to finish the downward stroke
  • If further loosening is needed, the process above is repeated with chain ends dropped into a higher notch to pull the shrub, tree or post further up out of the ground
  • Finally rolling back the WHaTS pulls the last remaining roots from the ground or pushing forward tips a post away from the user.
While one person can use the WHaTS post and shrub puller, fast, repetitive pulling of small trees and shrubs is best achieved with one person setting the chain and a second person operating the WHaTS. Also having two people allows the weight of two people to be used to lever out much larger shrubs and small trees.



       cost:  $561     includes a light chain   

Comparison with Weed Wrench, the most popular jaw and lever shrub puller:  The WHaTS post & shrub puller has twice the leverage and can easily handle a wider range of stem forms.  In addition to the choice of 4 leverage ratios, the WHaTS puller seemlessly shifts the fulcrum to the wheels away from the base of a tree or shrub taking pressure off the roots and providing a higher lift.  The wheels then facilitate rolling the remaining roots out of the ground. 

We conservatively estimate it will uproot at least twice the mass of saplings and shrubs per person hour when compared to a Weed Wrench costing $189.  Even if you assume your labor is worth only $10 per hour, you would still recoup the extra cost of the WHaTS post & shrub puller in just 35 hours.  Not only does the WHaTS quickly pay for itself pulling saplings and shrubs, but also it will pull posts and converts to many other uses.




One of the important features of Wheeled Hand Tool Systems is the ability to rapidly change applications without any tools and without purchasing whole different systems.  If you own a Post & Shrub Puller you only need the components listed below to accomplish additional tasks.  Many components are used in more than one application, so as you increase the number of available components, the ability to mix and match components for a wider and wider range of applications expands rapidly and the ownership cost for each application becomes less and less.


      Additional                 Applications            Additional Components     

Approximate Time to Switch

Rolling Lever

2 pry bars

1/2 minute
Firewood Hauler

back mesh

bed mesh

2 front extensions

long wheel shield

2 minutes
Firewood Hauling Trailer

back mesh

bed mesh

2 front extensions

long wheel shield

trailer hitch

2 1/2 minutes
Wheeled Pry Bar

short axle

2 pry bars

1 1/2 minutes
Rock & Debris Hauler

bed mesh

long wheel shield

2 pry bars

3 minutes
















































































































































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